Held "Japan Day 2021", an annual cultural introduction event

In the afternoon of Saturday, November 20, Japan Day 2021, an annual cultural introduction event, was co-hosted together with the Japanese Community in Belize, JICA Belize Office and Love FM via live streaming. In the program, demonstrations of martial arts, origami, cosplay make-up, Japanese language lesson and introduction of Japanese food such as sushi and ramen noodle were presented.
Ms. Hashiguchi, Resident Representative of JICA Belize shared with the audience some of JICA's project activities while Ambassador Iryu delivered congratulatory remarks and introduced the grass-roots friendship between Belize and Yokoshiba-Hikari Town in Japan, the host town of the Belizean delegation to the Tokyo Olympics. In addition, Ambassador Iryu also touched upon information sending-out on the program related to Japanese language, culture and the MEXT scholarship program through the Embassy’s HP.
Following the streaming of Japan Day, "Japan Video Topics" which introduces Japanese traditional culture and advanced technology was also broadcasted with the cooperation of Love FM, one of our co-organizers.